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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

2007 Wedding Trends

2007 Wedding Invitation Trends
Although wedding traditions may not change much from year to year, each new year brings a new trends that bridal couples will be looking to incorporate into their wedding planning, including choosing or designing their invitations.

Environmentally-Friendly Wedding Invitations
With the focus on global warming and other environmental concerns growing, more couples are trying to do their part. In 2007, you'll see more bridal couples opting for recycled paper invitations. While recycled paper tends to have a strange dark tint to it, when the paper is colored it still looks very nice and elegant.

Unusual-Shaped Wedding Invitations
The standard invitation was just a plain rectangle a few years ago, but more couples are looking for something unique today even with their formal invitations. Round, tri-fold, or tea length cards are all going to be popular choices among brides and grooms this year. Look for more oversized cards, as well, even though they usually cost more in postage.

Pouchette Wedding Invitations
Pouchettes are basically wraps that go around your invitation. For example, some pouchettes wrap around the invitation so that they open to resemble a blooming flower. The pouchettes can be clear or colored and can be decorated with images, such as flowers or snowflakes, for a more elegant appearance.

Bright Colors on Wedding Invitations
Although traditional whites and off-whites will still be common with invitations, more couples are going to jazz things up with dashes of vibrant colors such as rich browns, deep greens, and dark blues. However, orange might be the biggest wedding color of the year. Not only will orange be found on bridesmaids' dresses, on napkins and table cloths, and in decorations, it will also be making itself known on invitations. Couples might opt for orange envelopes or orange embellishments on their traditional invitations, for example. Of course, if they're having a less formal wedding or making their own invitations, they might opt for using orange paper.

Another hot trend right now are pocket invitations and portfolio invitations. With this style of invitation, all of the different elements – the response card, the reception card, etc. - all fit neatly into a pocket portion of the invitation. This looks elegant, plus it makes it less likely for any of the pieces to be lost when the invitation is removed.

Wedding Invitation Embellishments
Whether you choose formal or casual invitations this year, another trend is for finding creative ways to accent them. You can be as creative as you want to be this year when it comes to making your invitations stand out.

Website URLs on Wedding Invitations and save the dates
One fast growing trend is the idea of personal wedding websites. The couple puts together their own page including pictures of themselves, details about their wedding, ways to R. S. V. P. online, and more. Some couples have also included blogs to their wedding pages. When the couples send out their invitations, they include the URL to their wedding page so guests can easily find it.

Destination Wedding Invitations
Over the years, destination weddings have continually becoming more popular. This year, spurned on by the big news of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' destination wedding in Italy, even more couples are going to be tying the knot in exotic locations. That means they'll probably be sending fewer invitations and more wedding announcements. However, it also means that most of those wedding invitations will be reflecting their destination: an Eiffel Tower for a Paris wedding, a slot machine for a Vegas wedding, a sandy beach for a tropical wedding, etc.

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